I believe in providing the best individualized care possible to help return individuals to their desired level of activity after injury.  I am always interested in injury prevention, especially in young athletes so they can continue playing during seasons without having to sit out due to serious injuries.  I enjoy working with various injuries, especially those related to the ankle, knee, and shoulder.  I have had a few knee surgeries of my own, due to soccer injuries, and know the value of physical therapy and both the mental and physical aspects, which help me to understand what patients are going through a little more.

Why UCHealth?

At UCHealth we care about your level of care, and are devoted to get you back to what you love and hopefully prevent further injury in the future.  We have a great staff and rehab environment to make the whole rehab process a little bit better.


Functional Dry Needling Certified (Level 1 Kinetacore)


I enjoy playing soccer, hiking, snowboarding and enjoying the Colorado outdoors.


Qualifications and experience

Rehabilitation Therapy - Physical Therapy
Languages spoken
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