Enforcing and combating Newton’s First Law. Priority is to ensure the patient receives excellent care and service to get them back to living an active, healthy lifestyle; as well as encouraging and educating those who remain inactive to improve and enhance their current way of life through age and fitness-level appropriate activity. This includes making sure they understand their injuries, the treatment — whether it be conservative or surgical, and the road to recovery.

Why UCHealth? I’ve always wanted to be part of a university health system, as I believe it’s a collaboration of patient care, teaching, and research. Innovative medicine can only advance if all parties are challenged and Colorado has that perfect mixture of a highly athletic population and driven medical professionals. UCHealth has an exceptional reputation, an active environment, and fits my professional goals extremely well. Why did you choose this profession? My parents both served in the military and worked in medicine. I also knew working in medicine was my future and as I got older and explored different avenues, I determined that the flexibility afforded to Physician Assistants allowed me the chance to work in different specialties of medicine while still preserving the ability to diagnose, treat, and care for patients. I graduated from Drexel University on a Navy scholarship as a Physician Assistant in 2011 and directly entered the service. Over six years I deployed with the Marines and worked in a Branch Health clinic. I gained knowledge and experience of field trauma and operational medicine, and how family medicine relates to keeping our forces always ready for whatever lies ahead.


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Qualifications and experience

Orthopedic Surgery
Languages spoken
Bachelor of Science
University of Virginia, Curry School of Education (2007)

Masters of Science
Drexel University, College of Nursing and Health Professions (2011)

Clinical interest for patients

Sports medicine, forever and always. I played soccer growing up and worked with women’s rowing and the track and field team during undergrad. I have a limitless interest in the athlete’s mind and body; how it overcomes physical, emotional and mental adversity in order to persevere in sport.

Research interest for patients

While working as a student athletic trainer at University of Virginia, I developed an interest in ACL/MCL tears, as well as ankle injuries — specifically the rehabilitation aspect. For active people, getting back out there and continuing the beloved activity is key, and I want to continue to develop ways to promote healing while maximizing functional returns in a safe, efficient manner.

Volunteer activities

I enjoy working with the SPCA and Habitat for Humanity.

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