One particular aspect of medicine that drew me to anesthesiology was the unique opportunity to build trust and confidence with patients just minutes of meeting them. Undergoing surgery, whether an elective outpatient procedure or a major trauma, is a stressful time in anyone’s life, and my goal is to alleviate that stress as much as possible by listening thoughtfully, thoroughly explaining my approach to their anesthetic management, and answering any questions my patient may have. I aim to not only provide a safe anesthetic for my patients, but also optimize their outcome and recovery as best as I can by utilizing a variety of techniques depending on my patient and the procedure.


Monday: All day
Tuesday: All day
Wednesday: All day
Thursday: All day
Friday: All day
Saturday: All day
Sunday: All day

Qualifications and experience

University of Nebraska Medical Center - Omaha, NE (2020)

Medical School
Creighton University School of Medicine - Omaha, NE (2016)

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO (2012)

Clinical interest for patients

Regional Anesthesiology
Obstetric Anesthesiology
Trauma/Difficult Airway Management
Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

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