I believe that healthcare should be about making life more wonderful, not less terrible.  I always want to connect my interventions with a patient’s meaningful activities, and I want to empower people to be able to live life with movement because movement is everything!

Why UCHealth: 

I chose to work at UCHealth because they offer great benefits. I have heard from other employees how much they love it, and I was looking for a part-time job to help me keep my ortho skills fresh. 


  • Run
  • Play Volleyball
  • Hike
  • Camp
  • Meditate
  • Cook/Eat
  • Play Board Games


Monday: 6:30am - 6pm
Tuesday: 6:30am - 6pm
Wednesday: 6:30am - 6pm
Thursday: 6:30am - 6pm
Friday: 6:30am - 6pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Qualifications and experience

Rehabilitation Therapy
Languages spoken
Doctor of Physical Therapy
University of Miami (2018)

Bachelor of Science
Florida State University (2013)

Clinical interest for patients

​​​​​​I love treating the foot/ankle and runners. I have a history of injury and an expertise in both these areas that uniquely equips me with empathy, compassion and lots of insight. To me, there is nothing better than hearing my patient say they went for a job with no pain after thinking they'd never run again.

Research interest for patients

I am a biomechanics GEEK. I truly enjoy our human anatomy and the incredible way it works as a beautiful machine. Beyond that I love to learn and jump at any opportunity to get a new tool in my tool belt. Foot/ankle and running are certainly my favorite.

Volunteer activities

In the past I have volunteered with AmeriCorps and various adaptive sport groups. I am relatively new to Denver and haven't had the opportunity to get involved with any just yet, but once COVID subsides I will be on the hunt.

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