I view providing anesthesia as a privilege, and I care for each of my patients as if they were my own
family member. Going to sleep for surgery can be scary, and I understand that. I enjoy helping my
patients feel at ease by establishing trust and rapport in the short time I have with them before

I enjoy regional anesthesia a lot. It is very satisfying to watch a patients’ pain disappear right in front
of your eyes. In anesthesia, you are usually caring for patients who are asleep and you don’t
necessarily feel appreciated for what you do. But when you relieve someone’s pain, it is gratifying for
everyone involved. I also like doing anesthesia for kids.

Before becoming a nurse anesthetist, I was an RN in the ICU. I felt the urge to go further in my career and anesthesia sparked my interest right away. It fascinated me that you can manipulate a patient’s consciousness and vital signs with medications in such a controlled way, and that they will wake up after surgery without any hint of recollection. Anesthesia is such an awesome thing to be a part of.

Beyond patient care I have a beautiful wife and two previous kids. I enjoy camping, hiking, weight-lifting, being outdoors and woodworking.


Monday: All day
Tuesday: All day
Wednesday: All day
Thursday: All day
Friday: All day
Saturday: All day
Sunday: All day

Qualifications and experience

Languages spoken
Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia, Pasadena, California (2017)

Research interest for patients
  • Team dynamics and communication during crisis management
  • Fast-track anesthesia using narcotic sparing techniques
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