Click here to view instructions for collecting stool for culture, C. difficele, ova and parasites, and occult blood.


The following collection containers for FOB specimens must be obtained from Supply Chain.

  • Collection Container: Polymedco Collection Device (Lawson #19753)
  • Patient Pack: Polymedco Collection Device with collection instructions and mailing envelope (Lawson #53544)

Collection Instructions (Polymedco collection devices MUST be used as follows):

  1. Open cap by twisting and lifting.
  2. Scrape the surface of the fecal sample with the sampling probe, completely covering the grooved portion.
  3. Close sampling bottle by inserting the sampling probe and snap green cap on tightly, do not reopen.
  4. Label with the barcoded patient label as shown, or, if no barcoded labels are available, label with patient’s last name, first name and medical record number or date of birth. Refer to “Specimen Labeling” section of this document.
  5. Send the inoculated Polymedco collection device to the lab.