In order to assure that work on critical patients is performed as quickly as possible, the laboratory provides STAT testing which is available to all physicians. Tests are done on a first come, first served basis. Time is measured from receipt of the specimen in the laboratory to release of results.

STAT Turnaround Time in Minutes (unless otherwise specified)
ABO/Rh 30
ABO/RH for RhoGam 60
Amikacin 60
Antithrombin III Activity 60
Arterial Blood Gases and Co-oximetry 20
Bacterial Vaginosis Gram Stain 60
Basic Metabolic Panel:
Electrolytes, BUN, Creatinine, Glucose
Beta HCG, Quantitative 60
Caffeine 120
Calcium, ionized 30
CBC (Complete Blood Count) 30
D-dimer 35
Drug Screen, Abuse 1 – 4 hours
Drug Screen, Urine 2 – 4 hours
Drug Screens: Turnaround times are dependent on drug confirmations required
Ethylene Glycol 3-4 hours
Factor Activities 2 hours
Fetal Fibronectin 60
Fibrinogen 35
Flu Test, Rapid (during influenza season: March-October) 60
Glucose, Whole Blood 20
Gram Stain 60
Heparin Level 120
Heparin Level, Low Molecular Weight Heparin 120
Lidocaine 4 – 5 hours
Lithium 60
Methotrexate 120
Mono Test (Heterophile) 60
Occult Blood (Emergency Department Only) 60
Pregnancy Test 30
PT (Prothrombin time) 35
PTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) 35
Strep Test, Rapid 60
Troponin I 45
Type and Crossmatch 60
Urinalysis 35