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Nova Glucose Meter Implementation Information

2017-07-14 Methotrexate

2016-12-28 Helicobacter pylori IgG Antibody

2016-12-19 HIV Genotyping

2016-12-15 TEG Panel Reference Range Updates

2016-12-05 Celiac Disease Reflex Panel

2016-12-05 Procalcitonin

2016-12-05 Send Out Testing

2016-12-01 Maternal Screening AFP

2016-10-07 Urine Protein Electrophoresis w/ Reflex to IFE, Random and Timed

2016-10-07 Serum Protein Electrophoresis w/ Reflex to IFE

2016-11-01 Influenza and RSV Testing

2016-10-14 Epstein-Barr Virus PCR Blood Result Unit Change

2016-09-07 Coagulation Testing Reference Range Updates

2016-08-18 Sodium Measurement Update

2016-08-02 Thrombin Time Reference Range Change

2016-07-25 New Intercept (PRT) Platelets Product

2016-07-15 PRT Platelets Flyer

2016-07-15 HIV Genotype Referral

2016-06-20 Factor II Activity

2016-06-13 Whole Blood Platelet Aggregation/Secretion

2016-05-02 Manual Differential: One per Patient per Calendar Day

2016-04-25 Changes in UPEP Reflex Testing

2016-04-14 Test Name Change: Microalbumin to Urine Albumin

2016-04-14 GI PCR Panel Plus Confirmation Testing Discontinued

2016-03-03 CORRECTION CMVPCR Whole Blood Result interpretation

2016-03-03 RESCHEDULED Chemistry Upgrade and Downtime

2016-02-25 Chemistry Upgrade and Downtime

2016-02-15 Fulvestrant and Falsely Elevated Estradiol

2016-02-05 Patient Safety Flyer: Finding the Lab Test Catalog

2016-02-01 CMVPCR Whole Blood Result Unit Change

2016-01-20 Rubella IgG Reference Range and Interpretation Update

2016-01-11 Coagulation Test Reference Range Update

2015-01-07 Delay in Pentobarbital Testing

2014-05-20 Chemistry Testing Delays

2014-01-28 Delay in Plasma Hemoglobin Testing