Eligibility questions

How can I tell if the program I graduated (or will graduate) from is an “accredited nursing baccalaureate program”?
UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) requires all nurses to have graduated from a program accredited either by the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) or the ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.); formerly NLNAC. Most programs have both CCNE and ACEN accreditations. The minimum requirement is that the program has, at least, one of the two accreditations.

To determine if your program is accredited, please check on the CCNE or ACEN databases.

CCNE: http://directory.ccnecommunity.org/reports/accprog.asp

ACEN: http://www.acenursing.us/accreditedprograms/programSearch.htm

I will be graduating with a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) next year, but have already passed the NCLEX exam and obtained my RN license this year; am I eligible for the Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program?
We absolutely encourage higher education at UCHealth! If you received a BSN from an accredited program prior to enrolling in your Masters in Nursing degree, yes, you would be eligible for the metro Denver Residency Nursing Program. You would NOT be eligible for this Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program if you do not possess a BSN and have not yet graduated from a Master’s program.

Any previous LPN or RN work experience disqualifies applicants from this Metro Denver Nurse Residency Program.

Under the applicant eligibility criteria it mentions an opportunity for an exemption application submission. What is this?

Occasionally and with committee approval, we are able to consider an “Exemption Submission” from applicants who have graduated from a BSN program outside of the 12 month window or possess less than 6 months of previous RN experience. Exemption criteria examples:

  • Required military obligations
  • Personal medical emergencies
  • Relocation

We are not able to consider applicants for the Nurse Residency Program who have more than 6 months of RN experience for any reason. If you have more than 6 months of RN experience, please visit https://careers.uchealth.org/ and apply to any experienced RN positions that you feel would be a good fit.

If you believe you may be eligible for an “Exemption Submission,” please follow these instructions:

  • Apply for the program that you are currently eligible for, following posted requirements and deadlines.
  • Follow application requirements as outlined on the nurse residency program website, but use the Exemption Supplemental Application for your first two pages. Complete the remainder of the application as instructed on the site.

After the application deadline, you will be notified if your Exemption Submission was approved via email. All decisions will be final.

I will graduate or I currently reside outside of Colorado. Am I eligible for the program?
Yes, out-of-state candidates are absolutely eligible for the program if they meet the other eligibility requirements. No preference is extended to Colorado candidates. A significant percentage of program participants are out-of-state residents at the time of offer and we encourage candidates to consider all of the wonderful things that Colorado has to offer!

If currently residing in an Enhanced Nursing License Compact (eNLC) state, we encourage you to receive an RN licensure in your home state and BE SURE THIS HAS A COMPACT-ENDORSEMENT. Compact RN licensures will satisfy UCHealth onboarding requirements. If testing directly for Colorado RN licensure from a different state, out-of-state applicants are highly encouraged to apply for Colorado licensure at the time of their NCLEX. Request ATT as soon as possible and do not delay in testing for NCLEX. Applicants can sit for the NCLEX in any state.

Applying for Colorado endorsements after being issued an out-of-state licensure will take an additional period of time after receiving your initial licensure. All offers are contingent on verification of Colorado (or NLC) licensure. Offers have been withdrawn due to lack of licensure to practice in Colorado (or compact state) by the start date.

We encourage you to perform your due diligence, do a ton of research, and choose the most appropriate licensure route for your situation to achieve a Colorado or compact-state endorsed RN licensure in the soonest way possible after BSN graduation.

For more information or questions on the NCLEX, Colorado endorsement process, or other licensure questions, please contact the Colorado Board of Nursing.

Application questions

I applied for the last program. Do I need to re-submit my application?

You must go online and re-submit an online application for each program you would like to be considered for. We will only use the most current submissions. If you completed an electronic reference-check for a similar position within the last 6 months you will not need to complete this reference request again. If you completed an electronic reference-check over 6 months ago, you will be asked to complete this reference-check again.

I attached my application to my online profile and am worried it was not received. How can I confirm you received all of my application?

Every application (or attempt) will be addressed by a Talent Acquisition Recruiter. Complete applications will receive an email (through email address that was provided in applicant profile) with all pertinent cohort information, timelines, and milestones.

You will have the opportunity to submit to a cohort requisition and upload a Residency Program document (at the step that asks for resume) twice. After you have applied to the same cohort’s requisition twice you will be unable to attempt again. If you have attempted to apply twice and your completed document was not uploaded, or there are any missing pieces, a Talent Acquisition Recruiter will notify you of this via email and provide instruction on how to resolve. This will occur anytime during (or at times slightly after) an application window. Please be patient with this follow-up.

The applicant tracking system only allows for me to upload one document. How do I upload my Nurse Residency application packet?

Documents will need to either be uploaded as an Adobe PDF file or Microsoft Word document at the step that asks for a resume upload. There is a size limit of 2 MB for attachments and you will have the opportunity to apply to a cohort requisition and upload a Residency Program document (at the step that asks for resume) twice. After you have applied to the same cohort’s requisition twice you will be unable to attempt again. View/download the application troubleshooting guide.