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UCHealth in northern Colorado provides continuing education opportunities for health care professionals through the Clinical Education and Innovation Center (CEIC). The CEIC promotes innovative education modalities and fosters relationships with academic partners and clinical affiliates to positively impact patient outcomes related to core measures, quality indicators, The Joint Commission regulatory requirements and national patient safety standards.

The CEIC conducts clinical certification courses and related education available to both employees and community members. Many courses provide certifications through the American Heart Association, the Emergency Nursing Association, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Additionally, CEIC offers non-certification courses, such as basic and 12-lead electrocardiogram interpretation, that prepare clinicians both to be better equipped to treat their patients and to be successful in future certification courses. The center provides outreach to hospitals and clinics in the form of mock codes, individual tutoring and mentoring and in-service training sessions.

The Education Program Coordinator (EPC) team facilitates clinical on-boarding for new employees, coordinates multiple clinical certification reviews and conferences each year, promotes continuing education opportunities and coordinates house-wide education initiatives. The EPC team also provides academic advising for clinical staff, coordinates the new graduate RN nurse residency program, works with various colleges and universities to coordinate clinical training experiences and promotes educational opportunities for clinical staff to advance their degrees.

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Clinical simulation

Clinical simulation is an evidenced-based learning strategy that offers participants unique opportunities to practice their skills in simulated patient scenarios while integrating prioritization, skill acquisition, communication and delegation.

Clinical simulation education specialists facilitate the evidenced-based components that include orientation, pre-briefing, simulation execution, and debriefing for each scenario through guided reflection practices. Our high-fidelity simulation family is comprised of six simulators including newborn, pediatric, adult and birthing simulators.

Situ simulations can be provided outside of the Sim Lab at your location upon special request.

Examples of clinical simulations provided include neonatal resuscitation program certifications, unit based annual competencies specified per discipline, interdisciplinary mock code and mock trauma simulations.

Conferences and continuing education

The CEIC offers several conferences throughout the year that support clinical excellence. All professional care providers are welcome to attend any of our conferences and are eligible for contact hours. Past conferences include an annual Cardiology Symposium, Everything Neuro, Trauma Care After Resuscitation, and End of Life Nursing Education.

February 14, 2018: 3rd Annual Cardiology Symposium. Saving hearts, lungs, and blood vessels saves lives. The team of cardiology specialists at UCHealth brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a passion for saving lives. They are excited to share their passion and knowledge with you.

March 22 and 23, 2018: Nursing Professional Development Exam Review. Covers numerous topics of interest and value to the Nurse Educator. These topics cover the various roles of the Nurse Educator, including program planning, management, collaboration, support of change and self-actualization. The Nursing Professional Development Exam Review focuses on the key aspects of the Nursing Professional Development Exam. Adult learning principles are utilized to foster an interactive and supportive environment during the review process.

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April 26 and 27, 2018: ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium). This 2-day training prepares nurses to provide quality care for patients with serious or chronic illness by providing education aligned with the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium curriculum recommendations.

May 23 and 24, 2018: 2018 Stroke Conference. This seminar is a great review and will enhance the attendees’ clinical skills in caring for a stroke patient who may present or develop acute changes upon or after admission to the assigned unit. It will also provide tools to rapidly assess the patient and rapidly intervene and convey their assessment, concerns and plan of care to either the charge nurse or to the primary provider.  This is a two-day course.

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June 2018: 2018 Oncology Conference. Content and registration being arranged.
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September 12 and 13, 2018: ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium). This 2-day training prepares nurses to provide quality care for patients with serious or chronic illness by providing education aligned with the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium curriculum recommendations.

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September 27 and 28, 2018: FCCS – Fundamentals in Critical Care Support. Fundamental Critical Care Support is the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s sanctioned multidisciplinary course for physicians, residents, advanced practice nurses, critical care nurses, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists. Comprehensive lectures and case studies give the participant insight to caring for the critically ill patient along with breakout sessions to practice those skills needed in that setting.

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October and November events are being planned at this time.