patient and family advisory council

We are excited to invite you to apply for membership on our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

Patients and families have an important role in helping UCHealth Memorial Hospital, and other UCHealth facilities in the Colorado Springs region, provide the very best care for patients.

The purpose of the PFAC is:

  • To improve patient experience.
  • To provide patient-centered care.
  • To bring patients’ needs and concerns to Memorial Hospital’s health care and leadership teams.
  • To guide our priorities and planning for the future.
  • To further enhance our relationship between the hospital and our community.

We are looking for people in the community who are interested in serving on our council and providing constructive advice and feedback on how to improve our patients’ experiences. We value the input our council members provide.

Criteria for appointment

Members who meet the following criteria are considered for appointment to the council:

  • Recent experience at Memorial Hospital as a patient or family member (in the past 1 to 2 years).
  • Time availability to prepare for and attend monthly scheduled meetings held the second Tuesday of every month, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Ability to make decisions by consensus and support council decisions.
  • Ability to make a one-year commitment to the council.

As vacancies arise on the council, qualified and available candidates will be contacted for an interview with current PFAC members.

Please email our team with your basic contact information (email, name, phone #). We then follow up via email to set up an interview.

Once again, we thank you for your interest.

PFAC Colorado Springs region: years in review