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As an employee of the Colorado Eagles, you get exclusive access to health care services from UCHealth. If you’re looking for a primary care doctor, pediatrician, specialist or if you just want to find the closest doctor’s office, email or call our UCHealth referral liaison team or fill out the form below to get started.




 Find a new primary care provider


 Find a location and provide navigation


 Find convenient care for sudden illnesses


 Facilitate referrals to specialty care



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Mission, Vision, Values

We improve lives. In big ways through learning, healing and discovery. In small, personal ways through human connection. But in all ways, we improve lives.

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Community Benefit Report

UCHealth’s founding purpose is to combine the strengths of the region’s best academic and community hospitals to improve the lives of people in Colorado and beyond.

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Stories that inspire you

Patients from all walks of life share their stories of how compassionate care at UCHealth — and their own drive to heal – put them back on the path to wellness.

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