A special kind of thanks giving.

Since March, you have been on the frontlines. You have been taking care of us, comforting us, and fixing us when you can. As we approach the holidays, and as you continue to spend time away from your families and loved ones, we owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude. We can never thank you enough, but we’d like to give it a try.

Here is to you and all of Colorado’s health care workers.

Thank yous

We stand behind you and together we will overcome the virus

Thank you,for all you're doing to keep your community safe fighting this pandemic and for bringing us all some much needed joy.
God Bless and keep you All safe. Your undying compassion and help will never be forgotten. Thank you.
God bless u guys, you are so awesome. Thank u😘😘😘
Thank you to all the front liners. You are doing a fantastic job at keeping us safe. You are our heroes. Stay safe during this difficult period we need you all so much. Thank you so much for everything!
Thank you so much for everything you are doing each and every day. The sacrifices you are making are immeasurable and we are will always be grateful for you. Thank you for being the soldiers on the front line of this fight, no one made you choose this, you chose it because you are a fantastic human being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for all you are doing to keep our community safe during this pandemic. You’re risking your lives to help others and that does not go unnoticed. We appreciate your dedication and efforts to help keep the patient healthy and comfortable. Thank you for being our heroes.
Thank you so much for everything you do, both in facing this pandemic and before it. Your courage, dedication, compassion, skill, and professionalism will allow us to get through this crisis, and we are all indebted to you. I appreciate your sacrifice to be at work when so many others are at home; to run toward the danger instead of running away; to continue putting the needs of others before your own. Thank you for everything you do!
To the UCHealth heroes. We thank you for for courageous actions and mentality during these hard times. It really takes someone special to do what you guys are doing. Thank you for your constant bravery and perseverance. The world needs people like you to continue to be our strength. Thank you.
To the real hero during this pandemic. Thank you for the great sacrifices you have done in order to keep everyone else safe. If anyone else hasn’t told you, your kindness outshines and breaks down every other barrier in front of you. Thank you for being so strong in times of global weakness. We al appreciate it.
Thank you so much for all that you do. I know these times are tough, but you have proved to be strong enough to get through it. I hope you know that there are thousands of people who truly appreciate your work and sacrifice. We couldn’t have made it this far without such dedicated people like yourself. Thank you.
Thank you for your courage and hard work 🙂 We're grateful for everything that you do. Praying for your health and safety too!
You are amazing! I'm so grateful for you and everything you do 🙂 Stay safe and healthy, we're praying for you
Thank you for everything that you're doing. Your compassion and hardwork are doing so much good. Praying for your health and safety!
Thank you for everything you do! You are seen and appreciated 🙂 You got this
Just letting you know how much you are appreciated. For you to get up every day and expose yourself to COVID arena and care about others you don’t even know is amazing. Thank you Thank you. YOU are our Heroes. May you be Safe.
Thank you for all you are doing to help our community...both Covid patients and others who find they need your care. You are amazing people and we owe you so much.
I received my covid19 vaccination today. Thank you all for making it a fast, easy , Safe process
When we have a normal day, there is a tendency to forget about the dedicated people that make normal life attainable. Well, we haven't had normal days recently. Thank you for your unbelievable service through these dark days.
Phenomenal is what you all are. I hope you all know that. Thank you for carrying us through 2020 and for your commitment going into 2021. You have all our love.
Best wishes and hopes for the year to come! We're all in this together. Let me take a little part of your day to say thank you. So much. There are none with bigger hearts than you.
You are ALL wonderful!! God bless you!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It raises all of our spirits so much to know every one of you at UCHealth is there. Stay strong and continue being the amazing people you are!!!
I want you all to wake up every day and know that you are making a positive influence on the world. You are strong, brave, and powerful! To the staff of UCHealth, thank you all so much 🙂
I appreciate all of the essential work and dedication all of the staff at UCHealth have put in. Thank you for being there and caring for so many people. You all are so courageous!
I appreciate you all so much. I truly believe that you have great minds and hard workers at UCHealth. Y'all are making a impact on many people's lives! 🙂
Keep fighting the good fight and stay motivated! Thank you staff of UCHealth for all of the vital work you all do. I appreciate y'all for making our world safer!
I'm so grateful for all the time, effort, and courage you commit to the work you do. We couldn't do this without you! Stay safe and healthy!!!
Thank you for all of the hard work you do. Thank you for being on the front line of the battlefield and treating so many people. I really hope you are not too stressed.
Thank you for all you do to protect the health and safety of us all.
No adequate words to thank you all for risking your health and lives to protect ours! Hero’s All! God will Bless and protect you!
Our nurse at memorial central yesterday was awesome. Our stay was much longer than planned and she made it bearable and pleasant. Thank you!
The whole UCHealth Team is awesome!!!
You are AWESOME!!!
Thank you
You are so awesome
Thank you for all you do
Thank You to The Angels
Yay for UCH!
You are so appreciated!
I am always greeted with a smile at every visit.
You have very amazing people working for you! I was blessed to have them at Memorial North in Colorado Springs on 10 Jan. Cardiac event & cath with stints on 11 Jan. Released on 12 Jan. Thank you Dr Davalous & all the nurses / medical staff. You are the best.
You all are the BEST!
Thank you everyone.
There are some of the absolute best doctors and surgeons at UCHEALTH Anschutz. Love them
Thank you for going above and beyond.
What an inspiration all these employees are!!!!!
Dear Healthcare Provider,

It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate all that you are doing as a medical professional during this difficult time. You are making a difference in so many lives by treating and supporting patients and their families. I am praying for your good health and stamina. Thank you!
Dear Healthcare Worker,

What a challenging time to be in the medical profession! I want to thank you for all of your hard work, time, and dedication over the past few months helping others during the pandemic. I hope you are encouraged knowing others appreciate all that you are doing to help those in need. I am wishing you good health, positivity, and endurance and am hoping for an end to the COVID crisis as soon as possible. Thank you!