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UCHealth Insights Community

The UCHealth Insights Community is an online advisory panel – the voice of Coloradans – chiming in to help UCHealth elevate how we interact with the community and continuously evolve the health care experience. In the Insight Community, we ask for feedback on a variety of topics, including new initiatives, events, community partnerships, advertising, etc. Activities in the community include surveys, polls, discussion boards, online chat groups, idea creation, and many others.

Why join?

  • Members have the opportunity to help shape the future of UCHealth and how we deliver care to the state of Colorado, and beyond.
  •  With each completed activity, members earn entries into a monthly drawing for one of four $25 Amazon gift cards. We do additional random drawings throughout the year for participation in specific activities.

What can members expect?

  • Members can expect to be asked to participate in about 2-3 activities per month. Most activities take no more than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Our members are kept completely anonymous and their information is never used for marketing purposes.
  • Each month we send a community newsletter to share back what we’ve learned over the course of the month. This lets members see how their feedback is being used to make a real difference at UCHealth.

Here’s what a few members have to say about the UCHealth Insights Community:

“I like being able to give my opinion on healthcare related issues in a forum where I feel someone is paying attention to my answers.”


“I feel like I’m contributing to creating a better health care system. It’s a start to a change.”


“I like providing my opinions on various topics and having input into UCHealth’s decision-making process.”

Feedback in action

We make real decisions with feedback provided by the Insights Community. Here are some recent examples:

The Insights Community recently helped us decide on which face to use for our virtual website assistant.

“The UCHealth Insights Community was instrumental in testing our new chatbot, Livi. They helped shape how she looks on our website and tested her abilities to interact with our patients. The insights community is helping UCHealth better patient experience and it’s awesome.” – Nicole Caputo, Director of Experience and Innovation

UCHealth app menu

We asked members how valuable it would be to have online access to their radiology images. Based on feedback, this functionality has now been implemented within My Health Connection (our online patient portal).

“We love the Insights Community. We are constantly trying to improve our service to patients, and we always have a shortage of patients willing to give thoughtful feedback. The Community gave us incredible feedback on our Radiology Image Sharing project and really got us excited about making it happen.” – Dr. CT Lin