Stay on top of your care.

We offer a range of world-class services, screenings and treatments for the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions and illnesses for those 65 and older with easy appointment scheduling options and a safe and comfortable environment.


Staying on top of your annual screenings can help your chances for treatment and cure of illnesses.

Breast (mammography)

  • Women aged 40 and older should receive annual mammograms, which can detect abnormalities long before you or your physician can feel them.
  • Mammography has reduced breast cancer deaths by one-third annually.

Lung, skin, colon, diabetes, heart and stroke

  • Getting these key screenings on a regular basis is essential for early detection and prevention of illnesses.

Specialty Services

We know that certain conditions are directly related to aging, and we offer services focused on the prevention, early detection and treatment of these conditions, including:

Joint pain (orthopedics)

  • Get relief today for any pain or injuries to your bones, joints or muscles.

Back pain (spine)

  • Turn to our experts when your back and neck pain are keeping you from performing daily activities or enjoying the things you love.

Heart care

  • Chest pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath or fast/irregular heartbeat can be symptoms of cardiac issues. Don’t delay getting care and schedule a consultation right away.

Lung care

Get your asthma or other breathing issues under control.

Other Services

Primary care

Regular checkups can help you stay on top of your health and prevent future illness. Your primary care provider also coordinates referrals to specialty care.

Medicare health plans

UCHealth now accepts more Medicare Advantage plans than ever before. Many preventative screenings and immunizations are covered by Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

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