Think you’re ready for
Nuggets game time?

Get pumped up.

Are you proudly wearing a gold and blue jersey?
Can you do 3 push-ups for every 3-point shot?
What about a burpee for every dunk?

Being Fan Fit is just as mental as it is physical.

Click on each question below to reveal the answer.

Can you name the Nuggets mascot and head coach?
Mascot: Rocky
Head Coach: Michael Malone
OK, that was easy. Who scored the most points (73) in a single Nuggets game? Was it Carmelo Anthony, David Thompson, or Dikembe Mutombo?
David Thompson (April 9, 1978).
Try this one: Michael Porter Jr. has the biggest family on the team. How many brothers and sisters does he have?

So, are you Fan Fit?

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