About Us

Established in 2016, the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center, located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, is revolutionizing health care delivery. Our partnership with the CU School of Medicine creates a comprehensive platform of resources that only a national academic medical center can provide, including intellectual assets, real-time data and world-class studies with real results. The UCHealth difference is in our DNA: entrepreneurial, quick-to-market innovations that eschew bureaucratic red tape. We designed our innovation platform to cut through the predictable obstacles that encumber other large academic organizations, so our partners – and eventually people all over the world – benefit.

Fact Sheet

Clinical Expertise

With access to 6,000 multidisciplinary providers – including numerous nationally renowned University of Colorado Medical School faculty – and ten hospitals, we bring experience, intelligence, know-how and resourcefulness to the field of health care solutions.

Data Infrastructure

Our unique, secure enterprise data warehouse supports the innovation initiative with virtualized, comprehensive patient data, which can be integrated across multiple health care partners. With more than five million de-identified data sets available through Health Data Compass, we have the capability to predictively analyze financial and health outcome risks. Plus, our data is available to scale and is seamlessly integrated with the enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Patient Population

We have access to a large and diverse patient population across all areas of the health continuum. We serve more than 1.4 million patients annually across the spectrum of the UCHealth system, including over 670 ambulatory departments. The combined resources of diverse providers practicing in varied environments allow for real-world testing in all care settings, including over 130,000 inpatient and observation visits and nearly 3.5 million outpatient visits.

Speed and Operational Efficiency

Our innovation processes and care teams are uniquely designed to enable rapid product development and testing in the clinical environment and scale across the system. We move fast.

Dedicated Innovation Teams

With everything from engineers and analysts to physicians, scientists and economists converging to reach a common goal, disruption and innovation are at our core. We are relentlessly driven to advance science and reshape the way the world sees health care.

Venture Capabilities

With access to national and exclusive deals, influence over capital markets and a $100 million venture capital fund, our business development capabilities are exceptional.

Why Partner With Us?

Our collaboration with the CU School of Medicine and the financial backing of our $100 million venture capital fund mean that the CARE Innovation Center offers the resources to lead the future of medicine.

We leverage virtual teams for in-home telemedicine, which included over 1,040 virtual stroke consults last year alone. We are the sixth-largest biobank associated with a health system in the U.S., having garnered 72,000 patient consents, 31,000 blood samples, 14,000 genotyped samples and 11 confirmed American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) incidental findings. We have not just the desire but the backing to deliver news in the health care space.

“Our industry integrator concept allows UCHealth to be plugged in at the point of innovation by physically housing a health care innovation ecosystem in a single location – allowing entrepreneurs, technologists and clinicians to collaborate through the entire process of innovation.”


health-tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Catalyst HTI


Our applied science decision lab allows us to develop, validate and optimize next-generation solutions. We benefit from the innovative – things that are new to us but not new to the world: We work with early-stage companies delivering solutions that show promise but that need additional development and validation. And we benefit from innovation – things that are new to us and new to the world: We welcome the opportunity to co-develop ideas, intelligence and solutions.

Our Team

Dr. Richard Zane

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

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Steve Hess

Chief Information Officer

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Dan Rieber

Chief Financial Officer

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Manny Rodriguez

Chief Marketing and Experience Officer

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Dr. Jennifer Wiler

Executive Medical Director and Co-Founder

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Kim Muller

Executive Director CU Innovations

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Nicole Caputo

Vice President of Experience and Innovation

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Elizabeth Burke

Director of Innovation, Health Systems Engineering, & Project Management

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