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Elizabeth Burke

Director of Innovation, Health Systems Engineering, & Project Management

Elizabeth Burke joined UCHealth in 2017 and serves as the Director of Innovation, Health Systems Engineering, and Project Management. Ms. Burke and her team are responsible for driving innovative partnerships and investments, executing UCHealth’s top strategic efforts, and advancing a culture of innovation across the organization.

Ms. Burke began her career at Epic, leading enterprise software implementations. After Epic, she led major transformations at a consumer insurance company and spent 4 years as a senior healthcare technology consultant. Experience working for a vendor, payer, consulting firm, and provider organization has taught her that healthcare’s biggest challenges can only be solved through strong partnerships.

She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Outside of work she spends time in the mountains with her family and their dog. She is not a native of Colorado but is proud to say her two daughters are.