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2/26/2024 - The Colorado Sun

For some people, their genes and their cancer drugs don’t mix. A Colorado center is trying to fix that.

In connection with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, certain cancer patients at UCHealth now undergo genetic screening at the start of their treatment. Read Article

2/21/2024 - Yahoo! Finance

Masimo (MASI), UCHealth Unite to Improve Care With Telehealth.

MASI and UCHealth recently announced their strategic partnership to improve the standard of patient care while utilizing the newest telehealth and virtual care technologies. Read Article

2/21/2024 - Hospital Management

Masimo and UCHealth to boost care delivery using telehealth.

The organisations will focus on improving patient outcomes, minimising healthcare costs, and transforming care delivery models. Read Article

2/20/2024 - Becker's Hospital Review

UCHealth forges partnership to boost virtual care.

Under the partnership, UCHealth and Masimo will work to develop virtual care and remote monitoring solutions, according to a Feb. 20 news release from Masimo. Read Article

2/20/2024 - Business Wire

Masimo and UCHealth Announce a Clinical Monitoring Partnership to Improve Care with Telehealth.

Masimo and UCHealth announced today that they are entering into a strategic collaboration to improve the standard of patient care using the latest in virtual care and telehealth capabilities. Read Article

2/7/2024 - Forbes

Patient Outcomes With AI-Assisted Technology.

At UCHealth an innovative virtual monitoring team was paired with Epic’s sepsis AI model to create great patient results. UCHealth estimates it saves 375 lives a year. Read Article

1/30/2024 - Everyone's Internet News Presswire

Avaamo launches its GenAI App on the Enterprise Healthcare App Marketplace to Boost Patient & Employee Experience.

This partnership with Avaamo, and its integration into MyChart®, has been a very important step in personalizing the experience for our patients. Read Article

1/8/2024 - Health Data Management

Embracing a new Era: Healthcare’s technological transformation.

Some providers have embraced wearables for at-risk populations. UCHealth's Diabetes Home and Remote Care program, for example, identifies diabetic patients at high risk and remotely monitors their blood sugar control to preemptively address health issues. Read Article

12/18/2023 - Becker's Hospital Review

Leveraging AI Technology to Proactively Optimize Inpatient Flow and Capacity.

By implementing the AI-driven iQueue for Inpatient Flow solution, the Colorado-based UCHealth reduced avoidable or “opportunity” days and increased admission volume. Read Article

11/22/2023 - HealthTech

CHIME23: Tips for Reducing Tech Stress on Support Clinicians.

The electronic health record is a major pain point for nurses and physicians. Organizations including UCHealth have taken steps to improve the EHR experience. Read Article