Areas of Focus

We concentrate our internal resources, investments and future projects in data science + AI, digital patient experience, VR + AR, and wearables + virtual health.

Data Science + AI

Leveraging population health and big data to make predictive decisions about patients and to provide clinical decision support.

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Digital Patient Experience

Convenience, service and continuity of care at the touch of a finger.

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Personalized Medicine

Leverage personalized medicine research, education, and clinical care across diseases to accelerate the development of personally tailored treatments for different illnesses.

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Giving patients and staff a break from reality through immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences and providing clinical training through VR and augmented reality (AR) exercises.

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Wearables + Virtual Health

Improving access and quality of care outside the four walls of the hospital through technology optimized to offer remote monitoring and data collection to improve preventive care and predictive outcomes.

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