Arrive Health

Data Science + AI

Arrive Health is a healthcare technology company dedicated to putting the needs of patients and providers first. We improve access to the most affordable, quality care by delivering accurate, patient-specific cost and coverage data to providers, care teams, and patients. Collaborating with premier health systems, pharmacy benefit managers, payers, and healthcare IT vendors, Arrive Health is clearing the way for better health by reducing friction in care workflows and enabling meaningful conversations about access to care.

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Realtime Pharmacy Benefit Check

Real-time benefit checks allow physicians to see the actual cost of medications to their patients at the time of prescribing as part of their native Epic workflow.

SWIFTRX Pharmacy Decision Support

Arrive Health’s SwiftRx platform provides standard of care/best practice medication recommendations for clinical diagnoses, as well as cost information for individual patients based on their insurance. Physicians can use the tool to search for medications based on a patients diagnosis and place orders.