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1/15/2021 - Colorado Springs Business Journal

COVID-19 propels health care into virtual future

Before COVID-19, telemedicine was practiced by many health systems, but seeing patients in person was still the norm. Within a few short weeks in March 2020, health systems and practices were forced to adopt new ways of seeing patients and delivering care. Read Article

1/15/2021 - NBC News

Lyft and Uber want to take you to your vaccination appointment

Operation Warp Speed has hit another speed bump: Now that the vaccines are rolling out, how are we supposed to get everyone to their vaccination appointments, twice? Read Article

1/15/2021 - The Washington Post

CES goes full pandemic with smart masks, stickers to detect covid and the biggest WiFi update in years

SAN FRANCISCO — At CES, the tech industry’s biggest showcase, covid-19 has inspired new products to power extreme digital living. Here comes a big WiFi update, smart masks and even robot comfort cats. Read Article

1/13/2021 - 5280 Magazine

3 Ways Telemedicine is Expanding to Heal Whatever Ails You

In mid-March, when Governor Jared Polis suspended elective surgeries and nonemergency medical procedures to slow the spread of COVID-19, doctors weren’t sure how they’d treat routine patients—those with common colds or, say, pimply teenagers. Read Article

1/12/2021 -

Denver drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine site could open later this month

The biggest obstacle to getting the COVID-19 vaccine out to everyone who wants one in Colorado is the supply chain from the federal government according to Gov. Jared Polis and hospital leaders. Read Article

1/4/2021 -

Doctors: Speed at which vaccine developed shouldn’t be a concern

The idea that the vaccine has been developed too fast has flooded many corners of the internet. Some insist one year is nowhere near enough time to vet a drug to be taken by the masses. Read Article

12/23/2020 - News 5 Cleveland

More hospitals using virtual reality to help cancer patients escape

Cancer treatments can take a toll on the mind and body, leaving many patients feeling alone and isolated. Now, senior citizens fighting cancer, like Mary Hill, are able to escape their hospital rooms through virtual reality. Read Article

12/22/2020 -

Philips, BioIntelliSense and University of Colorado receive U.S. Department of Defense funding for early COVID-19 detection

Cambridge, MA – Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, and BioIntelliSense, Inc. [1], a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, today announced they have been selected by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command ... Read Article

12/18/2020 - Becker's Health IT

UCHealth gives workers wearables to track health after COVID-19 vaccine

Each coin-sized wearable device monitors the worker's heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature. Its recipients begin wearing the device two days prior to their vaccination and keep it on for seven days after. Read Article

12/18/2020 -

COVID In Colorado: Health Care Workers Who Get Pfizer Vaccine Wear Bio-Button To Detect Side Effects

Some health care workers who have received the Pfizer vaccine will be wearing the “Bio-Button.” The device was developed by BioIntelliSense in Golden. It continuously monitors the recipient’s vital signs to detect any side effects. Read Article