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3/4/2021 - Becker's Health IT

UCHealth adds indoor navigation tool to mobile app for hospital patients, visitors

UCHealth partnered with Pointr, a developer of indoor positioning technology, to create a navigation menu to deliver door-to-door guidance on more than 60 floors at the University of Colorado Hospital on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. Read Article

3/4/2021 -

New technology accessible on UCHealth’s mobile app will help patients and visitors easily find their way around University of Colorado Hospital

Finding your way around a hospital to visit a loved one, attend a doctor’s appointment, or even find parking can be disheartening when you’re unfamiliar with the layout. Read Article

3/3/2021 - This Week in Health IT

The UCHealth COVID-19 mass vaccination playbook with senior director Sarah White

UCHealth released a must-read COVID-19 mass drive-thru vaccination playbook. Here to take us through it is Sarah White, Senior Director, Innovation and Health Systems Engineering. Read Article

3/2/2021 - CU Anschutz Today

CU Anschutz Leaders Discuss Vaccine Progress, Distribution and Efficacy - Video

As vaccine distribution is underway around the world, the virtual panel series, “A Conversation on COVID-19 with the CU Anschutz Medical Campus,” continued on Monday. Healthcare leaders discussed topics including vaccine progress, distribution and efficacy. Read Article


COVID Vaccine: Drive-Thru Best Practices

Five best practices for states conducting drive-thru COVID vaccinations are the implementation of IT, the use of backroom staff, Vaccine Preparation, Clinical Preparation and Supplies and Vaccine Storage and Handling. Read Article

2/20/2021 - UCHealth clinic vaccinates 900 cars per hour

UCHealth clinic vaccinates 900 cars per hour

The clinic focused on those 70 and older that were receiving their second doses. Read Article

2/17/2021 - The Colorado Sun

Combatting alarm fatigue at Colorado hospitals saves lives of UCHealth sepsis patients

In the hospital room of a very sick patient, or down the hall in a bustling ICU, medical personnel are constantly reaching out impatiently to switch off an alarm they find irrelevant or annoying. Read Article

2/16/2021 - Becker's Health IT

How 9 hospital innovation chiefs want health IT to further adapt to the pandemic

Hospitals and health systems across the U.S. have accelerated digital transformation efforts in order to maintain communication and relationships with their patients while promoting safety from COVID-19. Read Article

2/2/2021 - CGTN America

Denver undertakes mass COVID-19 vaccination program

Not long ago here at Coors Field, anticipation hung in the air ahead of a baseball game. This past weekend, the Denver stadium hosted something much more serious. Read Article

2/1/2021 - Fox31 News Denver

UCHealth to share ‘playbook’ after successfully vaccinating 10,000 at mass vaccination site

UCHealth said it plans to share its “playbook” on how to successfully run a mass vaccination site after vaccinating 10,000 people at a site near Coors Field over the weekend. Read Article