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7/12/2021 - Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation Announces the Winning Teams in Our Innovator Awards Program

The winning teams in the 2021 Innovator Awards Program: First-Place Winning Team: UCHealth, Denver, Colorado Read Article

4/13/2021 -

UCHealth offering online self-scheduling for COVID-19 vaccination appointments

Coloradans can now self-schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments online with UCHealth, the health system announced Tuesday. Read Article

4/8/2021 - Denver Business Journal

UCHealth partners with Siri co-founder, scientist to develop mobile blood-pressure tool

With more than 100 million people in the U.S. suffering from hypertension, the smartphone-based blood pressure monitor could help millions. Read Article

4/7/2021 - WFTS Tampa Bay

The COVID-19 vaccine trial process was one of the fastest and most innovative, here's why

As millions of Americans continue to get vaccinated every day, the process of how we got here is nothing short of a big step in innovation in the eyes of health experts. Read Article

4/2/2021 -

How UCHealth’s virtual assistant helped patients navigate the pandemic

During the pandemic, many Americans experienced difficulty obtaining medical information and receiving care given the constraints of lockdowns and social distancing. Read Article

3/31/2021 - 9NEWS Denver

Colorado researchers testing 'BioSticker' to predict COVID-19 infections among military, general public

Study participants wear the sticker for two weeks as it collects data points on heart rate, oxygen levels, and even the number of times someone coughs. Read Article

3/30/2021 - Becker's Health IT

Healthcare disruptors: 4 hospital IT execs weigh in on retaining tech talent

As retail and tech giants like Amazon, Walmart and Google continue to scale healthcare efforts, hospitals and health systems are left looking to compete not just with retaining patients, but keeping their IT and other employees, too. Read Article

3/24/2021 - Becker's Health IT

9 hospital execs share how their innovation approach evolved since the start of the pandemic

Hospitals' innovation efforts were forced to accelerate and refocus because of the pandemic's demand for more virtual care options and increased attention to social determinants of health. Read Article

3/17/2021 -

Riva Health wants to turn your smartphone into a blood pressure monitor

Riva Health, founded by scientist Tuhin Sinha and Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus, wants to help people measure their blood pressure in a clinically approved way. Read Article

3/9/2021 -

Broad use of EHR voice assistants still years away

Before Yaa Kumah-Crystal, M.D., opens the door to the next patient exam room, she routinely pulls out her mobile device and opens the Epic Haiku mobile app. Read Article