Kindness is good for you.

Whether you’re giving or receiving it, kindness can make you feel better, do better and make the world a better place. Let’s show, share and inspire kindness and see just how kind we can be.

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Kindness means good times and helping others

Kindness is UCHealth having an efficient system in place to protect me from the COVID virus
Kindness is making someone feel better.
Kindness can be as simple as a smile. It never hurts to be kind.
Kindness is humbly giving to others -- not tied to duty or reward.
Kindness is helping others with no expectation of anything in return, i.e., doing the unexpected!
Kindness is when someone is new at school and you help show them around.
The couple behind me in line offering to pay for my items at the store.
Kindness is my favorite quote: Be kind whenever possible....It's always possible! From the Dalai Lama.
No matter how different we are, kindness is accepting each other the way we are.
Showing anyone and everyone empathy. Kindness is listening.
When the person in front of you in the drive-up at Starbucks buys your coffee 🙂
Acknowledgement and taking a moment to say "Hello," give a compliment or ask how someone is doing.
Kindness is recognizing the worth of another person; it is showing that we care for others.
Patients who come back to visit and share that they are doing well. That is kindness!
The commandment that says “ Do unto others as you would have them do to you." Be loving.
Kindness is extending the same grace and understanding to others that you hope they extend to you.
Making homemade masks with your family and passing them out to anyone who needs one.
Remembering everyone likes to be thanked for what they do!
Love and kindness are never wasted. They will always make a difference!
Kindness is remembering to not overlook, underestimate, or neglect the little things, as they make the biggest impact.
Kindness is slowing down to show compassion and consideration and that we genuinely care about each other. I volunteer as a Rescue Ranger for the Humane Society, picking up dogs from various shelters. One day, my partner and I ran into some issues and were running late. But instead of rushing, I felt a strong urge to slow down and greet each dog we picked up with special attention. It seemed like a routine trip, but it made us ponder how much better the world would be if we did this more often. I emerged a different person and, from now on, I’m letting my heart lead.  
Kindness is something we all need and have within us to share. You cannot put into words the different depths and ways kindness can affect another -- or yourself -- but it is a great gift we all can share in this world 🌎
I make sure I tell the crew working in the drive-thru, "Thank you for being here, and I appreciate you." It costs $0.00 to kind.
Kindness is social justice, respect, and openly agreeing to disagree while maintaining your friendship or relationship. As a leader, kindness is putting your team first while ensuring equity, inclusion, and diversity toward all roles and staff. Helping your team have a successful shift and giving your team the time they need to mentally, physically and spiritually repair themselves to return for their next shift.
Kindness is going the extra mile for someone with nothing to gain for yourself. The sincerity of kind acts can cause a ripple effect that can change the world for the better.
Helping each other.
Patiently helping the elderly with their technology.
Kindness is unconditional!
Being nice when no one is looking.
Kindness is giving grace rather than reacting, because there is always more to the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.
Kindness is acceptance and understanding. Greeting people with a smile, instead of a frown. Saying a simple hello when passing by another. Listening to people when they need to talk. Putting away the devices and focusing on the time together with another!
I like to pet sit for people who can't find any pet sitters or shelters.
Kindness is putting others before yourself.
Kindness is assuming positive intent and taking the time to first seek to understand before seeking to be understood.
In life or love, kind is in the mind, and in action intertwined.
Doing something to ease a co-worker's load, even something small. No need to get recognition; just knowing I did it makes me happy.
Remembering the little things someone said to you...favorite flavor of coffee, snack, treat, and surprising someone with it to brighten their day.
Kindness is what my baby's daycare teachers show every day as they play, clean up messes, dry tears, and love these kids like their own.
We are humans, and we make mistakes. Kindness is forgiveness.
Kindness is that warm and fuzzy feeling that inspires someone else to pass it on.
Kindness is love.
Kindness is doing the simple things: holding the door for someone, saying please and thank you or just asking how someone how their day is.
Kindness is looking out for those who need help.
Kindness is showing empathy, listening without judgement, helping those in need and being appreciative.
Not sure who wrote this quote but, it is one of my favorites: Keep my anger from becoming meanness. Keep my sorrow from collapsing into self-pity. Keep my heart soft enough to keep breaking. Keep my anger turned towards justice, not cruelty. Remind me that all of this, every bit of it, is for love. Keep me fiercely kind to all I meet.
Kindness is making time to check in on a friend.
Listening to someone share their troubles. No need for input. Just listen.
A smile - it’s hard right now to see the smiles behind the masks, but a smile can change someone’s day in an instant. You don’t just have to smile with your mouth - a true smile can be seen in your eyes and your actions.

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