Training for a 5K race

January 24th, 2016

Are you training for your first 5K run? If so, here are a few tips from UCHealth Physical Therapist, Lindsay Krause:

  1. Start training with a walk-run program, do this 3 times a week with a rest day between each run. Instead of walking when you are tired, build in scheduled walk times. For example, do one minute of walking followed by one minute of running.
  2. Train on the same surface that you are planning to race on. If you are training for a road race but are training on a treadmill, your body will not be prepared on race day.
  3. Keep track of your miles and don’t increase your mileage more than 10% per week. Don’t increase intensity, speed, volume or mileage simultaneously. I prefer to increase my mileage for 3 straight weeks then decrease my mileage on the 4th week. This allows my body to assimilate the training before increasing my mileage for the next training segment.
  4. Cross train on your off days and do core work and strength exercises to maintain muscle balance. Be sure to include a pre-workout dynamic stretching routine and use static stretching and a foam roller after your workout to maintain flexibility. A 5K is no walk in the park, but with the correct knowledge and training it will be a great experience.


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