The waitlist for a deceased donor kidney transplant continues to grow. A great option for people waiting for an organ is a living donor. Many people don’t consider living donation and are not aware that it is a great option for most people. A living donor can reduce or altogether eliminate the need to wait for an organ while on the deceased donor list.

We are passionate about living donation and dedicated in helping those in need of transplant by promoting education and raising awareness about the importance of living donation.

For people in need of a transplant, we realize there are challenges in reaching out to others about kidney donation. These might include:

  • How to communicate with others the importance of living donation
  • Understanding the process of becoming a living donor
  • How to use the best tools available to communicate a need to others
  • How to initiate sensitive discussions about kidney donation with others
  • Gaining access to resources that can assist in identifying potential kidney donors

About the program

This program is currently only available for kidney donation.

UCHealth’s Living Donor Champion program is evidence based and modified from a study by the Johns Hopkins Transplant Center. This program is available to help with the challenge of discussing and finding a potential kidney donor.

What is a Living Donor Champion?
Who can be a Living Donor Champion?
Where is Living Donor Champion training held?
What is included in the training?

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