The Remote Second Opinion program at UCHealth connects you directly with our expert physicians and specialists. They review your individual situation, answer your questions, and provide you with a comprehensive report you can share with your family and local practitioner. Based on the medical second opinion you receive from us, you can decide to come to our facilities for treatment, or you can choose to stay in your hometown and receive treatment locally.

Once you have our second opinion information, you can request updated opinions as your condition changes.

STEP 1 – Download and complete necessary forms
STEP 2 – Assemble medical records and imaging scans
STEP 3 – Submit your materials
STEP 4 – We review your materials and provide a report

Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Thoracic Oncology.

Contact us

Talk to our Remote Second Opinion coordinators about our service, costs, payments, or other questions. Email Jackie Townsend or Bethie Jean-Philippe or call 720-848-0300.