Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Does your drinking harm yourself or
others? Or has it led to other problems with your daily life? If so, you may be addicted
to alcohol.

You may have what’s called an
alcohol use disorder. Your healthcare provider may make this diagnosis if you have had
at least 2 of these problems in a year:

  • You drink alcohol in larger
    amounts or for a longer period than you planned.

  • You often want to cut down or
    control how much you drink. Or you have often failed to do so.

  • You spend a lot of time
    getting alcohol, using it, or recovering from its use.

  • You crave or have a strong
    desire or urge to drink.

  • Your drinking makes it hard
    for you to be responsible at work, school, or home.

  • You keep on drinking even
    though you have had problems in relationships or social settings because of

  • You give up or miss important
    social, work, or other activities because of your drinking.

  • You drink alcohol at times
    when it’s not physically safe, such as drinking then driving.

  • You keep on drinking even
    though you know it has caused physical or emotional problems.

  • You need more and more alcohol to get the same effects.

  • You hide how much you drink
    from family and friends.

  • You have withdrawal symptoms
    or use alcohol to avoid such symptoms.