My goal is to treat every patient the way I would want a member of my family to be cared for. I believe it is important to remember that we are not just treating patients, but we are meeting the needs of people who are individuals that deserve quality, compassionate and personalized care.

Seeing the difference that quality, safe and individualized care can have, both in me and the people around me, inspired me to go into medicine. I have also seen how outcomes can be affected if this type of care is not executed. It is because of these experiences that I want to be part of the beauty that is within health care, as a dedicated provider and patient advocate.

In my free time, I enjoy all things health and wellness, hiking with my fiance and our dog, baking, reading and traveling. I also hope to get involved with medical mission work overseas.


Qualifications and experience

Plastic Surgery
Clinical interest for patients

Surgical interventions for:
• Peripheral nerve disorders
• Congenital breast conditions
• Hand injuries