A physician must evaluate and treat the whole individual: body, mind and spirit. Depression may be due to an endocrine problem. Diabetes is often triggered by lifestyle and environment. Chronic inflammation and fatigue may be related to the gastrointestinal tract. As an internal medicine specialist I realize that there is not a simple “cookbook” remedy for disease. I cannot just prescribe a pill.
Medical problems are often complex and cross over multiple body systems and every case is unique. I try to listen carefully to my patient’s complaints, then I perform a thorough physical examination and analyze all of the necessary data. I must develop a trusting partnership in order for both of us to formulate a treatment plan. I will use traditional and integrative therapies. I will refer to the appropriate sub-specialists when necessary.
A physician is primarily a teacher. At Cheyenne Medical Specialists I will strive to communicate the best path to achieve optimal health for my patients.

Why UCHealth?
I am returning to Wyoming to join other family members. I am impressed by the academic excellence and organizational support available to me at Cheyenne Medical Specialists. I want to be able to teach my patients and eventually medical students and residents as well.
Why did you choose this profession?
I have always studied science. I love to work with people. I want to make a difference in people’s lives!
Cycling, Hiking, Hunting and Fishing
Family/Volunteer information:
Wife Karen, two daughters, four granddaughters; Free Medical Clinics (Roanoke Virginia, Allentown Pennsylvania), Appalachia, West Africa (years ago as a medical student).


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Qualifications and experience

Internal Medicine, Men's Health, Primary Care, Seniors' Health
Muhlenberg College

Medical School
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Clinical interest for patients

Cardiovascular health: diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of optimal health

Research interest for patients

I helped to found a new medical school at Virginia Tech. I presented a paper for students and faculty on the Thoracic Pump. This is an osteopathic technique for treatment of pneumonia. It was used by DO's during the flu pandemic of 1918. Family doctors taught loved ones how to provide this chest therapy and the usual 30% mortality was reduced to less than 5%. If in the future America is faced with an avian flu pandemic then this technique could save millions of lives.

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