I make sure to start and end each visit with a handshake and always end with, “Is there anything I can help you with today?” I also like to make sure I give my patients all they information they need to make a decision with their health in which they are comfortable.

I am married with one son. I love riding my motorcycle when I can get out. I am a part of a motorcycle group that focuses on giving back to the community frequently and often. I love my Nook and Audible app if I can’t get a hold of a physical book. I love traveling and do so as often as possible, even if just for the weekend.

Qualifications and experience

Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care
Bachelor of Science
University of California, Riverside (2006)

Masters Physician Assistant Studies
Western University of Health Sciences (2008)

Clinical interest for patients

I love learning new procedures and practicing skills.

Research interest for patients

I like the reviews that are found out by EBM (evidence based medicine).

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