I believe the foundation of patient care begins with good communication and a desire to understand the patient’s unique circumstances in order execute a successful plan of care. Patients do best when there is a holistic approach to their care that encompasses physical, psychological and emotional needs, as well as addressing their spiritual and cultural beliefs. I also feel it is important to be empathetic when appropriate, sympathetic and compassionate at all times, as these traits are the foundation of a trusting relationship and lead to more positive outcomes.

I am from Boise, Idaho where I have lived most of my life. I enjoy skiing, mountain and road biking, hiking, camping – basically anything I can do outdoors and have spent the past four years exploring different parts of Colorado with my boyfriend. I am involved in the sport of competitive gymnastics as a choreographer after retiring from coaching and judging when I went to PA school. I have a daughter who lives in San Diego, which is a great excuse to play by the ocean. I am an avid traveler, and I enjoy taking pictures of these places I have been to. I also enjoy learning new languages and am always looking for my next new adventure.


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Idaho State University (2015)

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