Our mission is to set the standard of cancer care, not just follow it. I do this through cutting edge translational research with radiation in areas that attack at the heart of cancer including DNA repair and immunology. Most important is the offering of compassionate and competent care of my patients from diagnosis through the journey of cancer care with the goal of growing old together.

My passion is to care for the patient with cancer using every ounce of expertise and compassion inside me.


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Qualifications and experience

Radiation Oncology, Cancers, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) - Head and Neck Tumors, Cancers - Prostate Cancer, Cancers - Lung Cancer, Radiology, Cancers - Radiation Therapy, Cancers - Head and Neck Cancer
Languages spoken
University of Hawaii Program (1990)

Medical School
Wake Forest University School of Medicine (1990)

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Program (1994)

Duke University (NC) (1985)

Clinical interest for patients

Dr. Raben has developed nationally recognized clinical expertise over the past 25 years in the management of head and neck cancer (HNC), lung cancer and prostate/bladder cancers. He has over 165 publications and is on national committees to design and perform clinical trials in head and neck cancer. He is co-chair of the radiation developmental therapeutics group at the NRG Oncology group and has started a Radiation Phase I program at the University of Colorado. He was the first to introduce intensity modulated radiation techniques for HNC and the first to spare the critical salivary glands and thyroid glands for patients undergoing radiation. For prostate cancer Dr. Raben first introduced accelerated hypofractionated radiation to the prostate while simultaneously treating the lymph nodes in the Rocky Mountain region, shortening overall treatment time to 5.5 weeks from 8.5 weeks with no increase in long term side effects and excellent outcomes. Dr. Raben has extensive experience spanning over 20 years with low (LDR) and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

Research interest for patients

Dr. Raben's focus has been on laboratory discoveries and innovative clinical trials only offered at UCHealth in areas such as high risk, heavy smoker HNC patients and offer approaches that will inhibit cancer DNA repair as well as prime the immune system to enhance activity of checkpoint inhibitors against PD-L1. He is also involved in research against TGFb to find ways to radioprotect normal tissue and well as prevent cancers from suppressing the immune system. Dr. Raben recently completed the first Phase I clinical trial in the US with and oral DNA repair inhibitor (PARP inhibitor) and radiation for heavy smokers when combined with intensity modulated radiation (IMRT). He was a major contributor of the clinical design and implementation of a trial combing a biologic drug against growth factors with radiation that led to FDA approval of the drug called Erbitux.

Volunteer activities

Denver Bridge Project
Health Volunteers Overseas

Metro Denver