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UCH Research Support Services

RSS Study Reports

RSS Study Reports may be found via the research portal link below. Reports are updated weekly.

>> Human Subject Research Portal

You can find the following reports:

  • Pre-Approval report listing all UCH (Central) study submissions received by RSS
  • Pre-Activation report listing all UCH (Central) study submissions that have received Facility Use APPROVAL and are pending EPIC activation by RSS

Facility Use Approval

Please begin with the following research portal link.

>> Human Subject Research Portal

Billing plans. To request modifications to Billing Plans when approval package is received, please use the following link:

>> Billing Plans Revision Request

UCH RSS Office Hours

We provide "Office Hours" on the second Monday of every month.

  • Noon to 1 p.m.
  • Leprino Building, room 318

Come ask your questions and receive assistance in:

  • Obtaining assistance on the credentialing application
  • Working through your RSS facility review application
  • Reviewing how to request monitor access to EPIC
  • Requesting EPIC access
  • Clarifying the steps in the process flow for approval, etc.

This is the perfect time to come get your logistical questions answered!

If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions at any time, please email us at our central inbox or call our main line: 720.848.7807.

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