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UEXCEL Program Rewards and Recognition

University of Colorado is committed to retaining nurses through initiatives provided by the UEXCEL Professional Practice Program and Model. All levels of nurses are recognized in UEXCEL. This practice program is managed by the UEXCEL Board, with representatives from all clinical areas as members of this Board. Please consult your UEXCEL representative and the UEXCEL website to gain up to date information on your practice program!

Recognition on Entry into UCH

  • Newly Licensed Graduate Nurse Residents
    On hire, graduate nurse residents are placed in Level I, which represents the Advanced Beginning level of practice. On advancement from Level I to Level II, graduate nurses change job descriptions to Level II RN, and receive a 3% pay increase. They receive a UEXCEL pin, unit recognition in a staff meeting, and a graduation lunch and recognition ceremony at the close of the one year residency program.
  • Newly Hired Experienced Nurses
    Level II Education Days:
    Level II RNs are eligible for one paid education day, and if certified an additional education day

Recognition on Advancement in UEXCEL

  • Advancement to Levels III or IV
    Nurses advance to Levels III or IV by portfolio review. On successful achievement of this promotion, the nurse is recognized by a special breakfast during Employee Recognition Week, where a pin for the advanced level is awarded, accomplishments are highlighted, and a rose given to honor them. A photo is published in the UCH Insider. Each nurse is re-classified dependent on their promotion level, and a pay increase is awarded to base pay: 4% for Level III and 7% for Level IV.

    Level III Education Days:
    Level III RNs receive 2 educational days annually. Certified Level III RNs receive 3 education days.

    Level IV Education Days:
    Level IV RNs receive 3 educational days. Certified Level IV RNs receive 4 education days.

Recognition for Specialty Certification

Nurses achieving certification are recognized by their names being engraved on a plaque on their unit/service/clinic. Additionally, they are recognized during Employee Recognition Week.

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