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UEXCEL Professional Practice Model Bylaws

Article I


UEXCEL is the name of the professional nurse practice program and model, which provides a professional framework for clinical registered nurses to be credentialed to practice, to be evaluated using professional nurse standards of practice, and to provide an opportunity for recognition of expertise by advancement. The name UEXCEL means University of Colorado Hospital's Excellence in Clinical Practice, Education and Evidence-Based Practice, and Leadership. The UEXCEL Board is the name of the governing body for University of Colorado Hospital's UEXCEL program.

Article II


The purposes of the UEXCEL Board are:

  1. To review and approve the credentials of clinical registered nurse employees at University of Colorado Hospital according to designated criteria in each of four levels of nursing practice.
  2. To support the philosophy, vision, and goals of University of Colorado Hospital professional nursing by maintaining oversight of standards of nursing practice and performance across all hospital clinical services.
  3. To provide a path for career promotion for professional registered nurses through mentoring and development.
  4. To provide a consistent structure for evaluating registered nurse performance within the University of Colorado Hospital Human Resources Performance Management program.

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