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Medical Simulation (CADETS)

Center for Advancing and Developing Education through Simulation (CADETS) at Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital Central
1400 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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Clinical Learning and Development Coordinator

Simulation Center Technician

The Center for Advancing and Developing Education Through Simulation (CADETS) at Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health provides valuable staff training through patient care simulation. Located at Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs, CO, the center enables nurses, allied health providers and first responders to perfect their skills and techniques on highly-evolved mannequins. The mannequins have heart, lung and bowel sounds. They can talk, cry, sweat and are even capable of having seizures.

The seven-room simulation center is set up to mirror Memorial's patient rooms. The simulated hospital setting includes three adult acute care rooms, one NICU room, one pediatric room, one labor and delivery room, and a working nurses' station. The rooms are fully equipped with working medical gasses as well as operational suction, patient beds and call lights. Nurses also have access to computers for documenting real-time 'patient' care, a fully stocked supply room from which to obtain equipment and a training Pyxis for retrieving 'patient' medications.

The simulation mannequins include three adult males, a birthing mother who delivers a premature infant, two newborns and a child. The mannequins offer pre-programmed scenarios and customized scenarios for specialized training.

Staff who are training in the simulation center can practice a wide range of advanced life-saving skills including CPR, trauma, bleeding control and first aid. The birthing mother scenario affords practice in C-section and forceps delivery. The infant mannequins enable training in infant emergencies and neonatal care. The pediatric mannequin allows staff to practice core clinical skills.

In addition the simulation also provides remote simulation on and off campus to better the education of our staff. Quarterly we hold Simulated Trauma Alert Drills in the Emergency Department simulation real life trauma events. The purposes of these drills are to improve communication and processes in chaotic moments. Since implementing these drills we have seen a significant improvement leading to a higher quality of care.

Required Training for New Nurses

While the simulation center is available for various departments to in our organization to do training, our new graduates nurses participate in an extensive year-long residency program that incorporates simulation.

This program is designed to support and orient new graduate nurses to their new career utilizing a safe learning environment that cultivates a culture of trust and learning.

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How to Contact Us

To learn more about CADETS at Memorial Hospital, feel free to contact our clinical learning and development educator at 719-365-9627 or our simulation center technician at 719-365-6185.

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