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Laboratory Computer System

The Clinical Laboratory at University of Colorado Hospital and most sub-specialty laboratories are computerized.

Result Inquiry

The Epic Information System is used to order laboratory tests and view results.

Result Reporting

Daily printed reports are available to inpatient units and outpatient clinics if requested. Reports will printed on a network printer located in the requesting unit or will be faxed to a secure fax machine in the requesting area.

Requestors of laboratory services may receive a courtesy copy of each report by registering with the laboratory and including their registration number (usually the physician license number) on each request. In addition, attending physicians may register to receive a copy of the inpatient discharge summary.

To register for courtesy copies and attending physician copies, contact the Manager of the Laboratory Computer Center at 720-848-7070 and provide your name, license number, and address.

Computer Downtime

"Downtime" is defined as that time when the computer system is unavailable for routine use by the regular users.

  • Scheduled Downtime: Downtime may be scheduled, that is, previously announced for short periods of time. This occurs periodically for routine preventive maintenance, reprogramming procedures and back-up of the system. During these scheduled downtimes, all STAT results are called to the unit/clinic and results are entered into the computer as soon as it is available.
  • Unscheduled Downtime: Downtime may occur inadvertently due to equipment malfunction or power surges, glitches or outages. This may be temporary, lasting as little as a few minutes or more severe, lasting hours. The laboratory has a manual back-up system developed to minimize constraints on personnel responsible for patient care, to maintain continuity in patient care, and to generate a complete audit trail of specimen information. Depending on the length of the downtime and the anticipated time to start up, critical values will be called and STAT results will be faxed, tubed, or hand-delivered to the ordering unit until computer operations are restored.
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