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Test Updates

2016-02-05 Patient Safety Flyer: Finding the Lab Test Catalog

2016-02-01 CMVPCR Whole Blood Result Unit Change

2016-01-20 Rubella IgG Reference Range and Interpretation Update

2016-01-11 Coagulation Test Reference Range Updates

2015-11-18 RVVT Reporting Change

2015-10-11 Changes to Units of Measure

2015-10-11 HIV DNA Genotyping

2015-10-11 NEW: GI PCR Testing

2015-08-13 Coagulation Test Reference Range Updates

2015-08-13 ACT Testing Discontinued in OR Laboratory

2015-07-21 Cryptococcal Antigen Testing

2015-07-15 New Indicator Stickers for Irradiated Blood Products

2015-07-14 Referral of Factor XII Activity

2015-06-18 New Collection System for Urine Specimens

2015-06-18 Pathology Review of Body Fluids and CSF

2015-05-15 Chlamydia Testing

2015-05-14 Absolute Neutrophils Reference Range

2015-04-29 Update Whole Blood Platelet Aggregation/Secretion

2015-03-10 Whole Blood Platelet Aggregation/Secretion

2015-03-06 Alcohol Critical Values Update

2015-02-27 Coagulation Test Changes

2015-02-24 New Test: C-Peptide

2015-02-20 Discontinued Testing: Mycobacteria & Coccidioides immitis Identification

2015-01-06 Dilute Thrombin Time REVISED NOTICE

2015-01-02 Russell Viper Venom Time Reference Range

2014-12-16  New Test VerifyNOW ADP Reactivity

2014-12-01 Change to Units of Measure: Magnesium, CRP, hsCRP

2014-11-25 Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy Standardization to International Reference

2014-11-25 Urine RBC Reference Range Change

2014-11-17 Calling Results of INR and QuantiFERON Gold Tests

2014-11-13 Propylene Glycol Reference Range Update

2014-10-10 Temporary Referral of HCV Genotype Testing

2014-10-10 HCVPCR Changes to Quantitations

2014-09-18 Coagulation Reference Range Update

2014-09-09 Enterovirus 68 Testing Information

2014-09-05 Delay in New Test Go-Live: Dilute Thrombin Time

2014-08-28 Lone Tree Laboratory Chemistry Reference Range Changes

2014-08-27 Amphetamine Confirmations Discontinued

2014-08-27 Rubella and Toxoplasmosis IgG

2014-08-27 Dilute Thrombin Time, REVISED NOTICE

2014-07-29 APC Resistance Reference Range Change

2014-07-15 Vancomycin Trough Reference Range and Interpretive Data

2014-07-15 OB Abuse Substance Screen Now Include THC

2014-06-16 New HIV Genotyping Test

2014-04-10 Immunoassay Reference Range Changes

2014-03-27 Recall Epstein Barr Virus IgM

2014-03-19 Repeat C Difficile on Previously Negative Specimens

2014-02-15 New Method, Group B Strep PCR


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