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A mammogram is an excellent tool for finding breast cancer, particularly in women age 50 and over. Breast cancer is accurately diagnosed through mammography in about 78 percent of all women tested, while diagnostic accuracy rises to about 83 percent for women over 50. Today’s greatly improved mammograms can usually detect breast abnormalities before they can be felt in a breast exam.

UCHealth updates and information about the Ebola virus

Brothers and sisters of newborns have a place to play when visiting the NICU

New drug compound may keep inflammation at bay

Parkinson's patient Greg Gerhard was awake and talking during deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery

World-class, academic ophthalmology clinic reopens in Denver

Jonathan Bravman, MD planned and completed Don Schiel’s shoulder replacement surgery with new technology and maximum precision

Pulmonary arterial hypertension is rare, and incurable - but new treatments help those who have it live more normal lives

Adeptus’ freestanding emergency rooms make emergency care more convenient for patients; UCHealth brings award-winning hospitals and specialty care to partnership.

The side effects of "flakka" can be even stronger than meth and bath salts

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