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Jack Graham: Annual doctor visits are the key to success

Jack Graham had a heart attack in the shower the morning of his annual doctor visit. Jack shares the story of his heart attack, the importance of early detection screenings and seeing a doctor on a regular basis.


Cindy: Hula dancing prevented fatigue during treatment for breast cancer

Cindy, a fitness instructor, shares how her journey with breast cancer was complicated because she had elected not to get a mammogram. "I had none of the risk factors that you would expect," said Cindy. "I was a non-smoker, non-drinker. I was in very good shape. I was at a healthy weight. I ate healthy." Had her cancer been detected early she "would have had the option to have maybe just a lumpectomy and radiation rather than radical surgery and chemotherapy," she said.


Keith: Able to mountain bike during treatment due to advanced technology

Diagnosed with sarcoma, Keith searched throughout the U.S. for the best place for cancer care. He found it close to home in Fort Collins, CO. He received radiation with the TrueBeam linear accelerator, regarded as the world's most advanced technology for treating cancerous tumors. The therapy reduced and eliminated many side-effects so that he was able to mountain bike throughout his treatment.


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