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Development on the Anschutz Medical Campus

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute (RMLEI) expansion complete

The RMLEI expansion project is finished! The project more than doubled the size of the current clinical space.

The five-story expansion:

  • Added 87,000 square feet – 47,000 square feet of new finished space and 40,000 of shell space
  • Provided a surgery suite with three eye operating rooms and a sterile processing department
  • Provided additional exam rooms
  • Added a large optical shop

RMLEI and Eye Center 

Other construction and design projects at Anschutz

​Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion 2 (AIP 2)

University of Colorado Hospital is getting ready to raise the curtain on the next phase of its ongoing saga of growth.

Construction on two floors that were shelled when AIP 2 opened in 2013 is nearing completion.

If all goes according to schedule, build-out of the fifth and sixth floors of AIP 2 will wrap up March 30, 2015.

The work on the two floors will add 60 new beds. The 24-bed fifth floor will be home to a new Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit, while the 36-bed sixth floor will house the Surgical Specialties Unit. The additional capacity will help to accommodate projected volume increases from four new ORs, also under construction.


Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion (AOP)

University of Colorado Hospital has begun work on a large-scale project that will carve thousands of additional square feet of clinical space from its existing footprint and reshuffle various locations of care.

The work will ultimately include some 20 related projects spread across several floors of the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion, a portion of the Anschutz Cancer Pavilion, and the spaces formerly occupied by the Emergency Department and the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU).

The entire project will create 83 new exam rooms on site and another seven off-site. The scheduled completion date is December 2015.

These construction overviews were excerpted from recent issues of the UCH Insider Central.

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