Organizational information

The difference between University of Colorado Hospital and the University of Colorado. Despite the similarity in our names, the hospital and the university are legally and financially separate organizations. The hospital itself gets no direct state general fund support.

Media inquiries

A media specialist is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

UCHealth inquiries
Dan Weaver, Media Relations Director, office 720-848-7852, mobile 720-940-6376Dan.Weaver@UCHealth.org

  • Northern Colorado: Kelly Tracer, Media Relations Strategist, office 970-237-7114, media line 970-495-7007, Kelly.Tracer@UCHealth.org
  • Metro Denver/UCH: Jessica Berry, Media Relations Coordinator, office 720-848-5878, mobile 303-807-9491, 24-hour media on-call pager 303-266-2608, Jessica.Berry@UCHealth.org
  • Southern Colorado: Cary Vogrin, Media Relations Coordinator, office 719-365-2878, Carolyn.Vogrin@uchealth.org

UCHealth publications

As part of its commitment to openness, UCHealth publishes an array of news items:

We also work closely with and support our partner University of Colorado Denver in its various communications and publication efforts.