Designed for patients currently in or finished with treatment, the UCHealth northern Colorado rehabilitation program provides for evaluation by a physical therapist and the creation of a custom exercise plan for the patient.

Exercise program for cancer patients

Approved exercise can be a highly beneficial part of the cancer journey, during treatment and beyond. Engage Rx is the cancer rehabilitation program offered by UCHealth in northern Colorado.

With modifications and education from our specially-trained cancer physical therapist, exercise is very safe during treatment. A typical program includes cardiovascular (heart and oxygen capacity) and strength training, all designed to the appropriate and safe level for each patient. Many patients are pleased to discover they can still build strength during cancer treatment. It’s an area of the treatment plan that they can have some control over.

Benefits of exercise

  • Decreased fatigue
  • Improved mood
  • Improved appetite
  • Increased cardiovascular efficiency
  • Improved chemotherapy completion rates (adherence to treatment plan)

Treatment schedule

Why is it important to try to stay on your treatment schedule?

Things like fatigue can affect your ability to adhere to your treatment schedule; therefore it’s important to use tools like exercise to help you maintain your energy.

Getting the right amount of medicine, on time and on schedule helps achieve your treatment goals. Your doctors design your treatment plan to provide for the best use of medicines to destroy the cancer cells in the body. Staying on your treatment schedule allows for optimal drug delivery to your body for treating the cancer.

Our program supervisor, Jeff Eagan, P.T., and his team of exercise physiologists provide exceptional attention to help people affected by cancer learn safe exercise that gives them strength and renewed energy.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursday for 12 weeks.
Location: Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Classes are held on the lower level.
Afterwards, patients can continue to exercise at Poudre Valley Hospital or a facility of their choice.