Massage for cancer patients is specialized to promote relief of the physical and emotional impacts of cancer and cancer treatment. UCHealth has a team of three, specially-trained and certified massage therapists who provide this valued service in northern Colorado.


Benefits of cancer massage

More and more, clinical research is showing the benefits for massage during cancer. Cancer massage helps with:

  • More restful sleep.
  • Pain relief.
  • Nausea control.
  • Decreased fatigue.
  • Help with depression.

Using a standardized Pressure Index and understanding each patient’s physical needs and treatment experience, UCHealth massage therapists modify touch so it is most comforting for the patient and won’t cause any harm. These specially-trained cancer massage therapists know how to adapt body positioning, modify touch for wounds or IV lines, and work around hospital equipment to safely give comfort and relief.

Our massage therapists visit each new patient on the oncology unit to offer and answer questions about cancer massage. Patients may let them know their interest or simply ask an oncology nurse to arrange a visit.