Hi! I’m Livi, your virtual assistant.

I’ll be at your side on uchealth.org, My Health Connection, and the UCHealth mobile app to connect with your care team, explore information on health and wellness, and show you some fun ways to get moving, get involved, and see what Colorado has to offer.

I’m learning new things every day, and I’m excited to help you live your best life.

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What would you like to do next?

Image of Livi devices

I am fully integrated in your health record, and I can help you get the most out of your care at UCHealth.

You can ask me:

  • “Show my latest TB test results”
  • “How do Virtual Visits work?”
  • “Message my provider”
  • “View my upcoming appointments”

If you want to find something great to do in your free time, I’m your gal, and I have some help from my friends at colorado.com.

You can ask me:

  • “Show me hiking options in Colorado Springs.”
  • “I’m bored, what’s coming up in Nederland soon?”
  • “Is the weather OK to go hiking today?”
  • “Are there any concerts in Denver this weekend?”
  • “Can you help me buy Nuggets tickets?”

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I’m your guide to everything UCHealth.

You can ask me:

  • “Find an urgent care near me”
  • “Find a cardiologist in Fort Collins”
  • “Find information on how to quit smoking”
  • “Tell me a story”

Listen, I love Colorado and I love to chat. Let’s have some fun!

You can ask me:

  • “Are you a robot?”
  • “Where were you born?”
  • “What color is your hair?”

Father and young son with football in park

What is Livi?

Livi is a virtual assistant, a conversational AI program connected to My Health Connection, the uchealth.org website, and several outside sources of information.

How do I get started talking to Livi?

If you’re on your computer at uchealth.org or signed into My Health Connection, click Livi’s icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the chat window and start typing your message. If you’re on the UCHealth mobile app, click the Livi icon on the top of the home screen to begin the chat.

If you want Livi to help you with things like checking in for appointments, messaging your doctors, viewing test results, or other tasks related to your health record, you must be logged in to My Health Connection or the mobile app. But you can still find plenty of information and have fun conversations without being signed in, too.

Can Livi connect me to a real nurse or other staff?

Livi’s conversations are not monitored as they happen, and are not connected to a live text chat with human staff at UCHealth. But if you ask for help from a live agent, Livi can link to all of the UCHealth phone numbers you might need.

Can she make an appointment for me?

Livi can’t make an appointment for you directly, but she can get you started with a link to the right page. She also has special instructional information on scheduling and checking in for Virtual Visits if you would like a guide through that process.