We stay ahead of the trends;
you stay focused on patient care

Whether you’re a physician, a hospital, or any other health care provider, the strength of the UCHealth Integrated Network gives you the freedom to focus on your practice and most importantly, your individual patients. As a provider-led organization, we get you, because, well, we are you.


The network gets stronger with the participation of each of our provider partners. Together, we help you meet industry demands, reduce your administrative hassles, keep you ahead of the latest requirements and trends, and provide support for your clinical processes when needed.

Here are some of the resources we provide to enable your practice to thrive:

  • Simple dashboards with Key Performance Indicators for your practice population
  • Clinical quality improvement support
  • Practice process improvement support
  • Care management support
  • Integrated sources of information on your patients
  • Administrative support
  • Clinical Pharmacy Support

How to get started: Participation requirements

Participating provider groups enter into a Provider Participation Agreement with the Network. The requirements tie members together to strengthen the network for everyone:

  • Access value-based payer contracts negotiated by the network
  • Partner with the network and other providers to improve quality and the patient experience
  • Adopt provider-designed clinical protocols and programs to enhance population health care
  • Leverage information technology to support communication, care coordination and reporting
  • Contribute your knowledge and expertise to drive the vision of the organization and improved health care for your community