Value-Based Contracts Issue 7

New payment models for primary care.   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center (CMMI) recently announced two new voluntary primary care payment models: Primary Care First (PCF) and Direct Contracting. PCF is a program between your practice and CMMI (similar to CPC+). Direct Contracting is available for the Integrated Network, but is […]

Network News

Introducing Anthem Cooperative Care.   UCHealth Integrated Network is excited to offer a new payer agreement with Anthem Cooperative Care. This agreement strives to achieve reductions in cost of care, improvement in quality and high patient satisfaction. The opt-in forms to participate will describe in detail the financial terms as well as the requirements of […]

Leadership Message

A message from Dr. Austin Bailey   This year, UCHealth Integrated Network joined more than 650 ACO stakeholders at the spring 2019 NAACOS conference in Baltimore, MD. With presentations from both ACO leaders and CMS officials, and exhibitors showcasing the newest technologies and cutting-edge methodologies in health care, the event added an exclamation point to […]

Care Management

Transitional care management and reimbursement opportunities   CMS requirements   The 30-day TCM period begins on a person’s inpatient discharge date and continues for the next 29 days. Patients qualify for TCM services when they are discharged from one of the following settings: Inpatient acute care. Hospital outpatient observation or partial hospitalization. Skilled nursing facility. […]

Practice Spotlight

Matthews-Vu Medical Group: best in class   A quiet, competitive spirit drives the team at Matthews-Vu Medical Group; a desire to be the best at what they do. “Practicing good medicine” is more than something they say, it’s something they do. And they challenge themselves to do more and to be better every day.   […]

Pharmacy Integration Insights

Making the switch: the value of transitioning patients to generic medications   Introduction   Branded medications frequently are prescribed for a variety of reasons: provider preference, direct-to-consumer advertising, therapeutic niche, mistake, etc. Sometimes branded agents have unique mechanisms of action and could be beneficial for patients, especially if they have not responded to other therapies; […]

Network News

An update about what is happening within UCHealth Integrated Network:   • NAACOS • IT Update: Claims Data   If you have news or announcements to share with network colleagues, please send to and include Provider Insider News in the subject line.   NAACOS   In late April, UCHealth Integrated Network sent a few […]

Leadership Message

A message from Dr. Austin Bailey   Greetings to all our network providers. The new year is barely underway, and already we have seen significant changes occurring within our clinically integrated network.   Jean Haynes, chief population health officer, left UCHealth on March 1. Under her guidance four years ago, UCHealth Integrated Network began its […]

Pharmacy Integration Insights

Are our patients overmedicated? A toolkit addressing polypharmacy and deprescribing.   Polypharmacy, defined as taking five or more medications, was estimated to be 36% in 2011 and will likely increase in the coming years.1 Oftentimes, patients are started on medications that are never adjusted or stopped, leading to clinical inertia and poor outcomes of drug-related […]

Clinical Transformation Insights

2019 Engagement Summit recap   On January 31, 2019 more than 100 members of UCHealth Integrated Network convened at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center to participate in the second annual Engagement Summit. Austin Bailey, MD, medical director for population health, facilitated the daylong event. A summary of the presented material follows. For more information […]