In the quest for lower costs, efficiency rules

To deliver the best possible care at the lowest possible cost, the UCHealth Integrated Network focuses on the future—delivering our partners a road map so they can move forward with confidence. We provide you and your customers:

  • Quality outcomes and managed total cost of care
  • Access to every imaginable treatment and specialty—right here in Colorado
  • Innovation and product development to keep you ahead of the trends

Value for patients, value for providers, value for payers

When health outcomes are delivered more efficiently, patients, providers and payers all win. The UCHealth Integrated Network offers specific strategies to drive up the quality of care while driving down costs—to create more value for everyone involved.

Driving up the quality of care:

  • Increased access through an expanding footprint and network
  • Value-based payments
  • Improved patient experience
  • Wellness and prevention services
  • Chronic condition management

Driving down the cost of care:

  • Reduce duplication of services
  • Reduce unnecessary or avoidable utilization
  • Integrated IT infrastructure
  • Provide the right care, at the right time, in the right setting